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Coaching and Psychotherapy


I am a psychotherapist in advanced clinical training offering online appointments, and possibly in-person appointments in the Ceredigion area if required.

My passion is to work with individuals facilitating greater self-awareness and a unique understanding of ourselves.  As an autistic woman with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, I work therapeutically with other neurodivergent people, encouraging non-judgement about what it means to feel 'different' in a culture where people who perceive things differently, and think differently, can feel marginalised and may wonder where they fit in. I love to bring into my work an intuitive, relational approach, whereby I support my clients to become the best of who they are, one where it is OK to be you. 


I offer:


  • Psychotherapy

  • Screening Assessments (Please note a screening is not a diagnosis but a part of the pre-diagnostic process).

  • Psychotherapy and post-diagnostic support for neurodivergent people

  • Psychotherapy and coaching for people who are wondering whether they might be neurodivergent and/or waiting for a diagnostic assessment

  • Functional Fluency Coaching - this supports a person's awareness of how they perceive themselves and interact with other people. Click here for more information.